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Our core business is to help our clients enhance their marketing efforts, attract the right customers at the right time and increase their overall sales and brand exposure.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Top Digital Marketing Agency in Mozambique?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most effective advertising and communication tools, making it easy to reach the right audience with ease.

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Digital Signage Advertising

Book screens and get visibility for your business. Showcase your brand in top restaurants, shopping malls or partner with us to rent your screens.

Internet & Mobile Marketing

Internet based marketing through platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, SEO and Mobile to help increase your online presence .

Website, UI & UX Design

Whether your business operates off-line or online, its crucial to have a website in today’s digital world. It is the core of your online presence.

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Showcase Your Business On Our Digital Signage Screens

Advertising spots are available on our screens at these locations around Maputo and Matola

Akamat Restaurant


Situated at I’Langa Shoping Center along Rua da Mozal popular with Mozal and Beleluane Business Park staff.

Barrigas Restaurant

Rua da Mozal

Situated along Rua da Mozal leading to N4 frequented by Mozal and Beleluane Business Park staff.

SunFresh Supermercado


Situated along Rua da Mozal, beautiful supermarket frequented by thousands of upper to middle class shoppers.

Buffalo Mozal


A Pastelaria and Pizzaria popular with residence around Bairro Djuba situated at Cruzamento shoping center.

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Do you own a restaurant, supermarket, gym or a shopping center with a high traffic and you have TV screens in your establashment. Sign up your screens to our advertising network and earn additional cash cashflow. 

Why Is It Important to Market Online?

Why is it important to market online in Mozambique?

A Huge Urban Population

Mozambique has a total population of 32.62 million people. 38.2% urbanised, which is 12.46 million people. An urbanised person represents a part of the population with a significant buying power.

Cellular Mobile Connections

17.4 million people are subscribed to cellular mobile connections, representing 52.5% of of the population and is expected to grow by +7.7% in the coming year.

Internet Users

23.1% of the poplation is actively connected to the internet whhich is 7.54 million people and is expected to grow by +22.9% in the coming year.

Active Social Media Users

There are 3.05 million people active on social media which is 9.3% of the population and is expected to grow by +1.7 percent in the coming year.

What Our Clients Say

Here are some testimonials from our clients!

Thanks to ApexBrands, we are able to gain real-time visibility into our customer behaviour and follow up on our social media orders across all channels.
João Tavares
Miletus SARL
Wara and his team are a bunch of incredibly talented and passionate professionals doing an awesome job helping us establish a digital presence in the local market.
Linda W. Sitoe
Elder Comercial, Lda
ApexBrands helped us in rebranding and assisted in repositioning our brand across several online touch points. They continue working with us as brand guardians.
Tracy Stewart
Moxion Graphics, Pvt

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